Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing U ...

Happy New Year 2009

Saturday, December 27, 2008

SRAM Attack Shifter - Compatibility with Shimano FD/RD

Those who wanted to try SRAM Product can try ...


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Wishing U and Your Family...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jitra Jamboree - Kayuhan Mesra 2009 - 18th JAN 2009

Are U ready ? Are U really ready for the 1st Jamboree in year 2009 ?

Title : Kayuhan Mesra 2009 - Jitra Jamboree - Kedah
Date : 18th JAN 2009 (SUN - Public Holiday for Kedah)
Time : 7:00am Flag Off
Starting Point : Medan Letak Kereta PJ1
Distance : 50KM
Trails : Road + Off Road
Checkpoint : 4

Prizes :
1st = Cash + Gift
2nd = Cash
3rd = Cash

Lucky Draw : Grand Prize => 29" TV

Contact Persons :
1. Mr. Onn Kheng Huat 012-480 8899
2. Mr. Ravi Kumar 016-478 6314
3. Mr. Mohd Zamri 012-572 3396
4. Mr. Oon Zhi Chin 012-446 8900

Fees : RM50 (Goodies Bag:Cert/Shirt etc)

Payment to :
Bank : Bank Simpanan Nasional
Name : Mohamad Zamri B.Md Fadzil
Account Number : 0240029000189590

Bank : CIMB
Name : Shuib B.Ismail
Account Number : 02110045194523

Note : Pls fax your bank-slip together with Registration Form to 04-916 2682

Registration Form can be collect at your area - participate bicycle shop.

More information pls refer to :

Friday, December 12, 2008

Get this b4 your next coming Jamboree :)

For those who always facing difficulties to complete Jamboree... No energy liao! Legs can't move liao! ...

Can consider to get below "help" ... Ha! Ha! Ha! :D

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

For Nite Rider - Get this ...

For those Nite Rider ... Can consider to grab this :

Once the wheel rotates...

Actual devices..

Any1 of U know where to get it? For more infor refer to =>

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tunku Intan Syafinaz with her MTB...

18th NOV 2008:

Tunku Intan Shafinaz with her 2009 Merida HFS MTB and Soo Beng.

For more infor can drop to :

Sunday, November 23, 2008

For Bicycle Fan...

It is time for you (all) to get below Wall Lamp in your bed room - Ha! Ha! Ha! :D

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jerai ECO X Country Challenge 2008

Aih :( ... Looks like it is not for the MTB XC !

Monday, November 10, 2008

9th NOV 2008 - BM Crossmountain (Jamboree)

First of all - I would like to say "Congratulation" to those rider who finished all 3CPs :) Especially to the 1st rider using only 2 1/2 hours to complete the trails !

Secondly - I would like to say "Thanx You" for those helpers who helping me out from the halfway of CP2 :)

On 8th NOV - I really worry that I might be the rider who is going to "747" on the ride day due to having bit of fever n feeling dizzy. I SMS to Billy (jojo) and went to bed around 8:00pm.

9th NOV - Woke up at 4:00am ... No dizzy ... Still not sure wether I'm able to make it or not ... just started to pack my stuff ... Seems like still OK ... continue to put my stuff n bike into my car. I'm thinking worst come to worst ... I just make the turn to Penang (dentist) to fix my "railway" :)

Billy SMS me ... Tiann ring me up ... I decided to continue with it :)

Heading to BM...

Approaching... Q...

Turning in...

Rushing to setting up our bikes... 7:42am liao...

Riders getting ready...

Yen is ready...

Tiann with his posing :)

Hope this ride will be a "smooth ride" :)

Start off with road ride...

Estimated bout 7-9KM

St Anne ... Feeling like "Nothing to worry..."


Into Tmn area..

Ready to off road...

Guan & Billy - Steady :)

Waiting turn...

Off they go ... Guan ... Billy...

After a short off road ride ... we reach hill side... Look at Yen & Tiann :) Note : check the time!




Yen pushing her bike...

Push it... Push it... Some more... Ah La La Long... Long Long Q...

Apa lagi... Mari Tolak Basikal (MTB)...

Yen - We can rest more :)

Waiting for DH (carry bike lar - not riding ler)... Slippery trails... Muddy... Note : Check the time!

Exit from off road ride... From there lor ... we trap with Q... Push... Carry...

MengKuang Dam lor :)

Heading to another hill?

Nice view...

Huh? Climb again ar?

I rest for 5 min - took some fresh air n snap few photos :)

Off I go...

Single trail ... which is slippery lor!

Again ... Push it! Push it! Some more ...

Look at that trail... Climb again lor...

I'm also not sure when Yen out of my sights ... She told me that she had a fall (refer to her shirt)... Lucky nothing serious...

Helpers giving us a hand to get our bike cross the small stream :)

Yen : Where are they ar (Tiann, Guan & Billy)...

After few min rest ... I'm planning to go for CP2... I've been told only 4KM to reach there :) Should be able to meet up with Billy & Guan at CP2 :)

A snap before CP2 :) Yen said she will wait for others...

OMG - More climbs to CP2! I've been told by the sweepers that we r the last batch of rider (me the last person) :)

To CP2 = More climbs n more slippery DH...

Friendly helpers... They advice me not to continue coz by the time I reach CP2 will need another 2 hours ... I've been told that more climbs infront... I decided to "terminate" my target :( (I'm also tired n feel pains on my left knee - after those "DH")

Reach finish line... can't find our Team Rider ... ring up Billy ... they already packing their stuff... :)

I didn't go for the quick wash :)

My White Flame after the BM Crossmouintain 2008 :)

My meter showing 28.12KM... for this BM Jamboree : Event Organizing = Good / Goodies = Great / Track : Hmmm I'm wondering izit for ride ? Plenty of pushing-waiting-carrying / Check Point = Too Far / Sign = Good. I didn't take my lunch there ... we all went to Tambun for light seafood lunch :)

About this BM Crossmountain ... What I can say is ... I need a good stamina to complete it :)