Monday, June 23, 2008

21st June 2008 - Solo Ride

Boring ... No ride for some time ... No call from our group/rider ...

I didn't ride for some time after the 7th JUNE ride - Round Gunung Jerai with Billy (jojo), Hafiz (apit), Seng (KHS), Fook & Darweis (Jamis).

On 21st June - We did SMS each other for another ride with Billy but end up with Solo Ride due to timing issues. Billy heading to Kuala Kedah ... 

Decided to bring out my bike from my house - after check all the "gadgets" ...

The Ride = My House -> Tmn Bayu -> Tmn Uda -> Padi Field Areas -> Anak Bukit -> Pantai Johor -> Metalon -> Tmn Golf - Home. It's just 15KM and managed to snap few photos :)

After the turn - here are the "ride" begins :)

After pass by the Communication Tower.

The RIDE of ... Peace of Mind ...  :)

After the 1st junction.

View from the Right 1.

View from the Right 2.

The journey begins .......

Flat with Green view :)

Another junction ... dunno where it heading to ?!?  One day need to try it out :)

What's the name of this grass ar - can't recall ?!?

Recall those fishing time memories (90's) :)

Far infront - White Building = New GH lor :)

Izit a Ford brand ? Should b coz Blue in color :)

Starting here got few GP riders which without helmet !!!

Better then my "railway" - He..he..he..

Huh ! A U junction ?

Lotus Farm ?

A wooden bridge .... Hope tak kena paku lor ... later Mari Tolak Basikal - didn't spare any tube ler.

Hmmm ... Can get better view - if ride in the morning - dun u think so ?

Can U see the dust (far away there) ?

This is where the dust came from ...

OMG - I Need a Mask!!! Hope next ride won't like this :(

Gunung of ... ? I dun hav any idea ?

Another view of the New GH :)

New Gov Office at Anak Bukit.

How to sing that song ar ?

U want to go for a SWIM ?

Exiting from Padi Field area.

Right View.

Left View.

Beside the Anak Bukit Bridge.

Towards Airport ...

Road ride ...

Junction of Tmn Aman.

Rear View.

Istana Anak Bukit - Under Reno ...

Traffic Light - Junction of Pantai Johor.

Kediaman Menteri Besar Kedah ... Hmm ... How many maids inside there ar ?

Plenty of such Lamp Post - How much it cost ar ?

Wisma Darulaman - Left turning to Tmn Golf (jogging area).

Back of Sri Tmn - Exit to PKNK Bridge.

Finally ... reach home after the Relaxing Ride ... took about 45mins only. Hope will ride in the morning - to get a better view - esp those LOTUS "farm" :P 

Monday, June 9, 2008

7th JUNE 2008 - Fun Ride - Warm Up Ride b4 SP Jamboree :)

"Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah" ...  

Do u want to know y ? Coz I've registered this blog since 4th DEC 2007 and now is 12th JUNE 2008 and this is my 1st Publish.

OMG ! What happen to those time - BZ! LZ! BZ! LZ! BZ !

Ok! Back to the Main Story ...

After came back from Penang - terrible traffic jam - it's getting worst. I call up Hafiz to pick up his bike at his place - that time around 12 midnite. After this n that (get ready my stuff and put my bike into my car) - went to bed at 2am. I just can't wait for the next day ride at Gunung Jerai - esp those 60 over KM ride :) Sure "fun" !!! 

Wake up at 6am - start my car at 6:50am - fetch Hafiz behind Jln Pegawai. We are using "old" road to Gunung Jerai should be shorter but ... bit of t.jam lor.

On our way there - I started to received calls from rider at 7:20am - first is Seng then Billy then Shukor ... Meaning I'm late Liao  - Ha! Ha! Ha!

Once I turn into the junction, I can see a lot of riders getting ready their bikes  ... after get down from my car then only reliaze that some of the rider is not joining us - they going to ride up to Gunung Jerai.  So unload my bike from my car - Hafiz also bz putting up his bike.

New Faces : Fook (left) - Seng (middle) - a must ride for Billy (jojo - ) - No Ride No Siok.

"En Shukor - Tolong tengok-tengokkan anak I ya" - Father of Darweis (Jamis Rider).

Let the RIDE begin :)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Off Road Ride :)

Nice riding environment.

Face which Enjoying the ride  - Billy (jojo) :)

Rolling ... rolling ... rolling ...

Suddently I received Billy call - after I've stop to answer the call. Dunno start from where - We've lost Billy, Hafiz & Darweis.  Then I reliaze that I bcome alone - they all speed up their ride without knowing I've stop - so call up Shukor.

Lost in the Rubber Estate - split into 3 groups (Seng - Billy - Me alone).

Shukor came and ask me to wait here,  he will bring the front group rider.

Finally all meet up again - after lost.

Watch out - slippery - I get my both feets wet here.

Dunno when Shukor fall which he having difficulties to use his bike FD.

"Hmm ... I rasa sudah sampai masa tukar ke 08 XTR Shifter ... "

Shukor having Shifter Issue - FD - cable been twisted after a fall.
Hafiz & Pro trying to solve it.

New Jamis bike only weeks old !
No problem for him to follow the ride (Jamis Rider - Darweis).

Front group rider - while waiting for Pro/Hafiz to fix Shukor FD problem.

Left View - Nearby the tea break "pondok".

Sea View - Nearby the tea break "pondok".

Right View - Nearby the tea break "pondok"

Billy enjoying his tea break :)

Yummie! Yummie! It's time to Restore Energy :)

Ready for the ride - after a tea break.

Mari Tolak Basikal ... X&#@!*^

Climbing again :(

View after the climb - so tired which I snap it by sitting position.
After that we (Me, Shukor & Hafiz) meet up with other riders at Tower (refer more pict from Billy Blog).

The journey to "Jungle Tracking"  :)

Are we lost (that's Billy - in green shirt) ?!?

Where's the exit ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

After the "Jungle Tracking Ride"  ... we go straight for Lunch Break - Lucky this time no need to ride that far for a meal.

This will cost another RM1++ for the "remote lockout" not including a spoke (Seng's Bike).

Dah kenyang - boleh continue ride dah (Darweis, Hafiz & Shukor) !

Errrrh... Full House (stomach) :)

This little creature enjoying my blood - since "Jungle Tracking" till Lunch Break!

"I'm ready for next action :) "!

Getting ready after our lunch break !

This is my Black n White Machine with new Selle Royal Dardo saddle!

This machine belong to Hafiz (apyt)! - Wow! Check the ROTORs!!!

Part of the tyre came off after the 1st accident (Remote Lockout) !

Resting while waiting for Seng to fix his front tyre.

Hmm.. Looks familiar ... ? (from previous ride).

Carry bike again ?
There's a cow looking at us (Mooo .... Hey! This is a Private Land lor)! 

After the Tower - we have more on Kampung Ride est 15KM before we reach our starting point.
This is the last pict which I took after we reach our starting point. 
For more infor/pic you can refer to Billy Blog at

Happy Ending for our new frenz (Seng & Fook).

My advice : It's better to ride at least 4 times (est 20KM) a week so that u won't facing any difficulties to ride that's my advice (pointing to me) ! I take this ride as a "warm up" ride before Sg Petani Jamboree 10th AUG 2008.